septic tank inspections

Septic Services Huntsville provides septic tank inspections for homeowners in the greater Huntsville area. We provide a safe and sound solution to ensure that your home is healthy and free from any potential bacteria or viruses. Contact us today for more information on our services, we look forward to hearing from you!


A septic system is essentially a sewage treatment facility that uses natural processes to treat wastewater. After the water has been treated by the septic system, it then goes into an absorption field where further treatment takes place before being released back into nature through evaporation or percolation. Although this process sounds simple enough, several things can go wrong if you do not regularly have your septic tank inspected by a professional.


Every septic tank in your property should be inspected and pumped by a professional at least once every three years. This not only ensures that the septic systems is working properly but also helps protect you from any potential health risks since bacteria can grow in your septic system if it overflows or does not function correctly. Bacteria such as e Coli and salmonella may be present when your septic tank is not working correctly, and these can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, and other health issues.

It’s important to note that if you do not have a regular septic inspection with Septic Services Huntsville, the system in place at your home could fail without warning. A failed septic system is not only extremely costly to replace, but it could also lead to several health issues depending on what bacteria are present in your tank.


Cleaner Septic Tank System

A regular septic inspection will ensure that your septic tanks are clean and free from any potential bacteria. If you do not have a professional look at the system in place, there’s no telling what kind of unwanted substances could be present inside your septic system.

Health Benefits

Most people do not think about the benefits of a septic inspection until they have come into contact with bacteria or viruses that can cause serious health issues. When your septic systems are inspected and maintained by professional septic inspectors regularly, you’ll know for sure if there are any problems present in your tank before it’s too late to avoid potential damage.

Avoid More Damages

If you notice that your septic system is beginning to overflow or smell, this could be a sign of several problems. A Septic Services Huntsville professional will come out and inspect the system in place at your home so they can advise you on how to resolve any issues before it becomes too problematic.


The plumbing recommendations state, “pump and check regularly.” Every three years, the typical household with an average-volume tank capacity should have it examined and pumped.

For homes with a larger tank capacity, it is recommended that the septic system inspection and pumping occur every five years.

If you have an increased volume of wastewater due to heavy use or multiple users, have your septic system inspected more frequently than what has been suggested above. For example, if four adult members in your home use the appliance, your tank should be pumped and inspected every two years. Visual inspection is a must and in the long rub, the septic inspection cost will be worth it.