Did you know that the bacteria in your septic tank is constantly eating solid waste? These organisms are crucial for breaking down sewage to make it easier to transport through the system. If you have a clog, it can be an indication of problems with your septic system or another issue within your plumbing. We offer septic excavation for homeowners who need help clearing their drains and sewers. Contact us today!


If you’ve never heard of septic tank excavation, it is the process by which a specialist will remove all or part of your septic system and replace it with new piping. It’s not something that homeowners usually think about happening to their home because we’re so accustomed to these systems working just fine for years on end. However, over time they can fail and need replacing. If you notice any changes in performance such as decreased water pressure or if sewage backs up into your plumbing fixtures, then this might be an indication that you need to get septic tank excavation done!


Save Money

The most obvious benefit of having a septic tank system cleaned is that you will save money on your future bills. If the tank is full, then liquids have no place to go and it can overflow into the drain field or leach field – which means you’ll be back at square one!

Protect Your Home

When your septic tank is full, you can have a lot of issues with it overflowing into the drain field or leach fields. This will cause further damage to your yard and could even result in sewage coming up through a floor drain!

Save The Environment

Sewage overflows carry so many harmful pathogens that their release near any body of water can devastate the ecosystem. This is not something you want to risk!

A specialist will come out and inspect your septic systems, determine what kind of tank it has (dry well or wet well), how full it might be, find any issues that could be causing the problem like roots growing into lines or cracks in pipes, then do a video inspection of the drainfield to ensure it’s in good shape. If you have a septic tank that is full, they’ll pump out all the solids and install a cleanout in order to make sure your system can continue with proper flow for years on end!

Increase Home Value

If you’re interested in selling your home, a septic system that is working well will increase the value of your home. This means adding curb appeal to show off a well-maintained yard and protecting the environment around it!

Prevent Damages

If your septic tank is full and you do not take care of the issue, then there’s a likelihood that it will overflow into your drain field. This can cause damage to surrounding properties and even release harmful bacteria in the soil which could affect farming land!


Excavating is a dirty job, and not just because of the dirt and mud that you’ll be dealing with. You also have to deal with sewage water from septic tanks which can contain bacteria like E Coli as well as viruses such as Hepatitis A or Norovirus. If you don’t want these potentially harmful substances near your home or business, give us a call today for fast Septic Services Huntsville! In addition, we offer other services like septic tank installation and even septic system maintenance.